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kourosh ghazian (Cyrus) Flight review
Are you interested in learning to fly?
Ready to elevate your aviation journey? Look no further! Whether you're aiming to advance your career, embark on a new one, earn your private pilot certificate, or simply need a thorough flight review, is here to guide you every step of the way.
I offer a diverse range of learning opportunities tailored to suit your aspirations. From mastering the fundamentals to preparing for advanced certifications, our comprehensive training programs ensure you're equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the skies.
Explore my website to discover more about our personalized approach to flight instruction. 
Kourosh Ghazian Cyrus, commercial pilot SR22
Private Pilot License

(PPL) is the most sought-after type of pilot certification. In the United States, a Private Pilot License is actually called a Private Pilot Certificate and is similar to what a driver's license is for automobiles. By earning a private pilot license, you can legally fly an aircraft. Private pilots are trained to navigate small aircraft by themselves. Flight training includes aircraft maneuvers, navigation, emergency procedures, and cross-country flight planning. While people may seek the license for hobby or sport reasons, a private pilot certification is the first major milestone on the road to becoming an airline pilot.
A commercial pilot license, or certificate, is a type of pilot license that allows someone to operate an aircraft for compensation. Commercial pilots are paid to fly as a pilot, transporting cargo and passengers, as well as perform other operations such as aerial surveying and search and rescue. Learn about the commercial pilot salaries.
Kourosh Ghazian (Cyrus) ATPL
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